Mommy and Me Astrology fosters enlightened parenting by helping parents understand their children’s gifts and challenges.

 Photo Vania Raposo on Flickr

Photo Vania Raposo on Flickr


My Mission

My purpose is to bring balanced self-conscious awareness into people's lives through astrology and yoga. 


“Astrology is a way to have a conversation with the
universe and to understand how it is mirrored within you.”



Evolutionary astrology and yoga teach us that we are born with patterns and momentum that impact our lives and relationships, revealing new perspectives towards a more fulfilling life. These insights can help us to discover our life’s greatest purpose and to create a life that celebrates our greatest gifts.

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 Astrology Tile Mosaic. Photo Chris Lexow on Flickr

Astrology Tile Mosaic. Photo Chris Lexow on Flickr


Chart Readings

Chart readings are a guide to help us understand our daily life, make better decisions, and improve relationships. 

Some of the specialty readings include:


Mommy and Me

The mother learns about herself as well as her child and enhances the parent child relationship.

Who am I?

Birth chart. The unique characteristics that make up who you are.

Life changes

Whether you created this change or it is happening to you, astrology can help and bring clarity.


A reading is an astrologer’s interpretation of your energetic patterns and potential based on your birth data. The readings examine your current life situation, reoccurring life patterns, relationships and more.

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 Yoga. Photo Patrick Savalle on Flickr

Yoga. Photo Patrick Savalle on Flickr


Read my Blog on Yoga & Astrology

Kriya Yoga philosophy is a psycho-spiritual approach to self-understanding. Along with astrology, yoga helps us bring more happiness and creativity into our lives. Yoga can illuminate our daily life through a universal philosophy coupled with practical conscious decision-making to bring more focus and balance into our lives.

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