As you move through life, the inevitable changes that you experience relate directly to the life cycle you are in.

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your individual characteristics and energetic patterns in order to deepen your self-understanding and realize your full potential.


how to align your energy to the energy of the universe in order to  live a joyful, balanced live and improve relationships. 


your gifts and challenges at any given moment in your life cycle to help you make decisions and take action.


Chart readings


Birth chart

Your birth chart or natal reading is best before any other types of readings. This reading is a map of your potential, a spectrum of possibilities. It describes the unique characteristics, energetic patterns, gifts and challenges that make up who you are and that remain with you throughout this lifetime.


Mommy and Me

This reading looks at both the mother's and the child's chart to enhance the parent/child relationship (at any age). Child development stages along with the child's chart offer guidance on communication and learning style, discipline, and interests.


Individual transit and progression

"What is happening now?" This reading illuminates the natural rhythms and energetic patterns that are occurring currently for you to help you make conscious decisions about your life and create more harmony and balance for yourself in any area of life.


"What about this job?" This reading examines the core values you hold and your gifts and challenges to suggest how the contribute to your work/career area of life. This session offers insight on your role in the community and what type of career is most congruent with who you are.

Career/Life purpose


"How can I deal with this"? The events, thoughts and emotions you are experiencing now are unique to your astrological pattern. This session offers insight and prescribes some practical steps that will support you through this change.

Life change/crisis 


Several consecutive sessions exploring life transitions, relationships, karma & other themes.

Women's group classes