The Pisces Baby

The baby born under the sign of PISCES (February 20-March 20) will be sensitive and caring . As a water sign, this baby can go with the flow and be changeable, even moody at times. This child will most likely be very creative and imaginative, even psychic. Pisces children often learn by osmosis, taking in the whole of the situation rather than attending to detail. They will attune to music , art, feelings and often are calmed by being in or near water.They can be very open and compassionate with others and need to be careful not to surrender themselves for the good of others. Because  this child is intuitive and absorbs the surrounding environment its important to give a peaceful and loving home. Creative endeavors and a helpful attitude will develop over time. 

The Aquarius Baby

The AQUARIUS child (born January 21- February 19) has a strong independent even rebellious streak and  will want to be a unique individual; not a crowd-follower. This child’s independent mind will be both intellectual and intuitive. This baby needs space and freedom to be different and innovative. Because this child invites and enjoys change some of the behaviors may develop erratically or abruptly. They may develop at a different pace than their peers. Friendship and contact and networking with others will be important to this child. The parents will need to find ways to offer guidance while understanding that this child beats to a different drummer and will not take well to feeling fenced in. This child prefers change and excitement to routine so an environment with lots of variety and newness is recommended.

The Capricorn Baby

The baby born under the Sun sign of CAPRICORN (December 21- January 20) possess a groundedness and sense of purpose. This earth sign gives this child the ability to organize, lead and appreciate a sense of order. This child will want to show independence and self-sufficiency. Wanting to keep control and feel secure this baby needs stability and routine to thrive. Emotional expression will be kept in so parents can help find ways to talk about feelings and accept emotions. This child will be very determined and a hard worker, so recognition for efforts and jobs well done will encourage him and give him confidence. This child may have a serious streak, but also a very dry sense of humor.

The Sagittarius Baby

The child born under the Sun sign of SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 21) will have a positive outlook and a spirit of adventure. With an enthusiastic attitude this child will want to explore new horizons, will have a friendly nature and will seek new experiences with a fiery personality. This child may develop strong athletic abilities and enjoy playing games and having fun. Travel and exploration of the outdoors will stimulate this child as will experiences with different cultures and people of diverse backgrounds. With tremendous energy this child will enjoy shooting for goals, having challenges and showing off from to the time. Parents will want to offer opportunity for different experiences to avoid boredom and also will want to find ways to help this child focus since everything seems larger than life and exciting.

The Scorpio baby

The child born under the Sun sign of SCORPIO (approx. October 24- November 22nd) will have a deep insight into others and will demand the truth. Known as the truth-teller or the Investigator, this child will have a strong will and a desire to achieve. this child can be secretive or protective and share feelings easily. It will be important for parents to bring out hidden feelings help this child express them. With strong determination and emotional sensitivity, the Scorpio baby will be resilient and persistent. Giving this child opportunity to express feelings and feel ok about emotions and sensitivities will help with maturation and growth. The child's moon sign is also important to know in the early years as it relates to basic needs and feelings of safety and security.

The Libra Baby

The child born under the Sun sign of LIBRA (approx. sept 24th-October 23rd) will seek balance, companionship, fairness and beauty. This child will relish in relating to others and needs to feel connected. A peaceful harmonious environment will nourish this baby's growth. Libra children possess great negotiation skills and will compromise to avoid conflict, so you will want to offer a variety of ways to deal with conflict in a productive non-aggressive manner. Being surrounded by peace, beauty, music, art will enhance this child's sense of well-being. Many other energies will reveal themselves as your child grows, and the Moon energy is particularly helpful for nurturing a young child.

Why the breakdown of integrity and trust?

Have you wondered about why so much is in flux in the world and in your life? Pluto is in Capricorn and is bringing about lots of change. The energy of Pluto is uncovering, revealing all the lies and falsehoods of tradition, establishment, organizations. This shift amounts to a breakdown of integrity and trust - we are witnessing this energy in politics, in the Wikileaks scandal, in the fall of many governments, in the breakdown of the banks, in the transformation of marriage, in the fight for equality, civil rights, etc. These breakdowns are necessary to usher in a new collective change. We all are also experiencing this upheaval personally depending on where this energy is in our charts. With a personal reading we can discover the area of life where we need to change, let go of old traditions, or relationships, or behaviors that no longer serve us.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”~ Buddha
What hidden truth is breaking through for you in your relationships, or as a parent or with your children? Discover your emerging truth through a chart reading.

The Virgo child

Born approximately between August 24 and September 23 with variation depending on time, year and location.

The Virgo personality is mentally alert, a thinker and a helper. This child will seek order, be practical and strive to do well. With a strong sense of detail and discernment, this child will have strong powers of observation and a critical eye setting high standards for all. A chart reading to discover this child's moon energy is most helpful in the early years of life to understand needs for security, love and appreciation.

The Leo Baby

Born approximately between July 24 and August 23 with variation depending on time, year and location.

The baby born under the Sun sign of LEO will want to shine like the Sun and be on stage. This personality wants to perform, develop confidence and style. Always seeking an audience,this child’s personality will love drama, affection and entertainment! He or she will love to lead and show off gifts and talents. As a fire sign this child will be enthusiastic and, at times, impulsive. It will be important as the personality develops to give opportunities to feel special and to recognize the talents he or she has and allow them to share them with others. At times, the Leo baby can be stubborn and persistent about what he or she wants. Loving discipline and boundaries are an important key to early years as this child learns limits and possibilities.