Key qualities of a Cancer Baby

Born approximately between June 20th to July 22nd with variation depending on time, year and location.

The Cancer SUN Sign
The Cancer Sun child has come into the world with the developing personality of a nurturing, intuitive, caring, self-protective being. The sign of the Crab has a very soft and vulnerable inner with a hard outer shell to protect feelings and emotions which can be overwhelming. Born with the "mothering" instinct this child knows how to care for others and feels most secure with family and friends. Also they can be moody as their feelings fluctuate often, and they will need alone, private time to refuel. With a vivid imagination and strong intuition, your Cancer child will react to the emotional vibe of the environment. So, its important to keep a routine, and  provide safe and secure feelings through familiar habits, people, and surroundings. Nurture your child's caring nature and encourage and support the expression of feelings to help them grow and thrive.

What about The MOON sign in children?
The SUN sign represents "personality" which takes time to develop. A baby may not express these qualities during the first years of life. The MOON energy which describes our inner state of feelings, safety and security is more prevalent in babies and young children. These characteristics and others which help us nurture their growth can be understood through a natal or birth chart reading.